Rebecca Holdeman | Singing teacher, Vocal coach, Music therapist, Choral conductor | Neuro Linguistic Programming
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Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Rebecca is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, accredited by INLPTA.

NLP is a form of coaching which facilitates a client being able to mentally ‘reframe’ anything that’s holding them back, allowing them to achieve new, positive outcomes.

She uses three techniques which have been specifically tailored to clients who are performers.

Confidence Booster

Step into the magic of feeling more confident and capable on stage. Learn how to feel good and positive whilst performing, allowing anxiety to take a back seat during every performance.

Habit Breaker

We all have un-resourceful habits that stop us from reaching our true potential. Find out how these can be rapidly dissolved and replaced with new behaviours that allow us to achieve our best.

Situation reframe

Want to feel confident performing but not sure how to get over a mental block that always gets in the way? Learn how to reframe the way you think about these blocks so that they no longer stop you achieving your goals.

There are other coaching sessions using NLP available on request.



 for a session (55 minutes)
A session with NLP will need to be organised in advance,


Contact Rebecca

[email protected]
Telephone 07970 268261‬